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Get the FREE Marketing Checklist that will help you promote and market YOUR new release and help you think about things you might not when thinking about your marketing plan.




10 Tips on Starting YOUR Record Label

1. Think about Why You want to start a Record Label

Starting and Running a Record Label takes hard work, determination and may take years to be successful, so before you begin, ask yourself "Why Do I Want To Start a Record Label?"

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2. Define YOUR Record Label's Goals

Once You know why you are doing what you are doing, you will want to define goals for your record label.  This way you can measure your results.

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3. Define YOUR Record Label's Genre

Once you have your goals, you will want to define the type of music YOUR Record Label will produce.

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4. Define YOUR Record Label's Target Market

Once You know what type of music you will produce on YOUR Record Label, you will know need to locate the people that will buy your music.

Aiming Toward a Target

5. Define YOUR Record Label's Branding

Once you have narrowed down YOUR Record Label's target market, you will need to create consistent branding for YOUR Record Label

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6. Signing Acts to YOUR Label

You will need to sign acts to YOUR Label to produce the masters that you will monetize.  Use our FREE Record Label Contract Template to help make the process easier.

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7. Releasing Music from YOUR Record Label

Once you have signed YOUR acts to YOUR Record Label, you will need to create music masters and release them to the world.

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8. Royalty Management

You will need an accounting system to handle royalty management so that you collect and payout royalties in a timely manner.  Use our FREE Accounting Template to make the process easier.

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9. Marketing YOUR Releases

Marketing YOUR release is an important step in the success of YOUR Record Label.  Use our FREE Marketing Checklist to help make the process easier.

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10. Define YOUR Record Label's Business Plan

You will need a plan of attack for YOUR Record Label.  Start with our FREE Record Label Business Plan to make the process easier.

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