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"CRUNK" is a short film written and directed by Dallas native Cedric "Cnote" Buard about a ghetto receptionist and an Agent who have to save the city of Dallas from a notorius villian.

"Sha Sha" played by Nychelle Hawk

"Agent Pizarrio" played by Arrash Pirasteh

"Nikolia" played by Kristina Kul

"Piper" played by Anna Porter

Piper Assistant played byTaylor Cooper

Piper Assistant played by Jasmine Stiff

Villian 1 played by Damien Turner

Villian 2 played by Jason Alexander

Villian 3 played by Ladarius Fleming

Unloyal Subject played by Wesley Boggs

CRUNK Logo.jpg
CRUNK Poster 2.jpg

behind the scenes

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