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Dallas based recording artist and entertainer Cedric B is best known for his strong songwriting and production. Cedric B’s music is described as Soul fused with Rap and has a relatable commercial sound that is also refreshingly unique.   His influences in music came at an early age, watching groups and singers on television.  The way the music made him feel created a strong passion and desire to create music that moved others.

Cedric B is currently promoting his fresh new smooth jazz cd “Groove Rhoad”.  This is Cedric B’s 4th independent Smooth jazz release, including popular releases such as “Milk Chocolate” and “Dreamworld”.  He also releases Rap and RnB music and has a combined total of 10 indie releases.


Cedric B has overcome many struggles and stumbling blocks to be where he is today.  From a tornado destroying his entire recording studio with him in it, and almost dying,  to not getting much support from his family, to the huge amount of competition in the industry, he has had to  overcome many obstacles.  Today,he owns his own professional multimedia production company/Record Label  that has been in business for over 10 years successfully.


With so many carbon copies in the music industry, it is nice to find an artist like Cedric B, who is commercially successful, but also freshly unique.


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Latest Release


COMING June 16, 2023


Love odessey

A Journey to find love

Come and ride with Cedric B as he takes us on a Journey of trying to find love, from arguing with his girlfriend to breaking up with her, and going out to clubs and parties to try to find a new love to finding a new love, letting her know Love is difficult for him to making love with his new love to getting stressed out by his love to arguing with his love and finally breaking up with his love and starting the process all over again.

This truly is Cedric B's greatest R&B release to date.  You can hear how the quality of his sound, as well as his lyrical performances have grown.  This is a delightful album that actually does take you on a journey...A Journey of great production.

Listen to the 1st single
"Love is a Mirage"